CoupSmart Concept Website Redesign

large chrome frame showing the SGS project

Goal: Redesign the entire homepage for Cincinnati start-up CoupSmart in order to tell a story of the company's mission and clearly convey its products and services.

Description/Challenges: The homepage was taking a new direction, not just in terms of style, but strategy - a total UX overhaul. How would we explain the entire extent of the company, conveying all functions of our software, process and expectations, and overall value to both clients and their fans? What chronology made the most sense? How could we give the site a fresh new feel with original graphics and imagery? This project was an intensive, immersive design study in best UX/UI practices.

My Involvement

My team and I held several breakout sessions, sketching out ideas for each area of the homepage, sketching out and discussing layouts. We broke away to individually design graphics, imagery, interactive components and features such as an ROI calculator widget. The full mockup above is about 85% my final design, excluding only the ROI calculator form and a few layout decisions.