'Smart Gift Store' - Facebook App Redesign

large chrome frame showing the SGS project

Goal: Redesign an existing Facebook app that allows users to order a physical item or printed voucher for that item from a digital storefront.

Description/Challenges: Buying an item in the Smart Gift Store app had to be more streamlined for a user. Tasks like choosing an item, designating an item as a gift for a friend, entering billing/shipping info and related subtasks in the purchasing process needed to be carefully plotted out and visually executed. Purchases were to involve the “fewest number of clicks possible.” This was a redesign of an app interface I had redesigned a year prior. Turning my old design inside out to discover where the cracks were after a year’s use was insightful and interesting.

My Involvement

Ideation/Mockups - The team and I came up with a new strategy to fit a customer’s priorities, then decided on a new plan of execution. While the app redesign was an overall team effort, I focused on designing then building the storefront, dropdown shopping cart, and billing/shipping form.

Front-end development - This included updating our front-end framework, constructing new layouts, and working in tandem with the developers to make sure our interactive elements were behaving as intended.